Snow in January! What’s New?

We had a mild and dry January until a week ago. This allowed the planting of a dozen fruit trees [six pears against south facing walls, four plums and two apple], and a large heather bed around the new lodge. Now we have just an inch of snow, beautiful sunny days, and chilly nights around -5C. Much warmer than Braemar at -14C! This is how beautiful it all looks.

Hiddenglen Holidays, Nairn, UK
Feeding the ewes.
Hiddenglen Holidays, Nairn, UK
A lamb picks the petals off a whin bush.
Hiddenglen Holidays, Nairn, UK
The new lodge catches the sun above the pond.
Hiddenglen Holidays, Nairn, UK
The four holiday homes.

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  1. Looking stunning as ever ..lovely to see these pics ….thank you xx. Susan

  2. Beautiful photos, gratitude for sharing Marge

  3. Beautiful photos, sky such a stunning blue. Thanks for sharing them. đź’•Krysia x

  4. Love the picture of the new lodge. Lovely blue sky, look forward to that when we come in June. Fingers crossed.

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