Mandala Making

New Year's Day 2019

Thérèse sends her greetings of peace and healing out into the world in the form of a beach mandala. The old Norse god Aegir was on her side as he arranged low tide for mid afternoon. Thérèse constructed it to the east of the River Nairn, with the help of some hardy friends, in the face of a cold north wind. Started at 11am it took 4hrs to make and measured 15m across.

Beach mandala, Nairn, UK by Hiddenglen Holidays
Thérèse surveys ... Thanks to Roy Mackay for the drone photos.
Kirstin Grant posted this photo on Nairn Rocks!! FaceBook page. Kirstin is surfing in the lagoon to the east of the mandala.

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  1. Wow it looks fabulous! Wish I could have stayed to see it finished! It was a privilege Therese
    blessings Marge

  2. Beautiful! What a talented woman you are Thérèse. Thanks for sharing the photos 💖

  3. Hi Therese, thank you so much for organising this, designing it all and bringing all the gear to the beach, for the wood, and the fire and the tea and biscuits! What a wonderful way to start the year, hugz, Johanna x

  4. Amazing Therese. You are so artistic and such a talent. Well done!! xx

  5. Aw wonderful work, It spectacular.. sorry I couldn’t be there .. next time. Xxx

  6. Simply and extraordinarily beautiful. Thanks. We remember that beach with warm memories of chilly winds and happy small people who are grown up now.

  7. That must have taken a huge amount of thought and preparation. you must have been freezing!
    Thank you for sharing this.

  8. Such a beautiful happening thank you all …lots of love to flow with you this coming year xx

  9. The photos look beautiful It looks so perfect you are so talented.

  10. That stinker Aegir washed it all away but nevertheless it was admired while it lasted… well done Dx

  11. Absolutely gorgeous, dear Therese! I wished I could have been there. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Lots of love,
    Lieselotte and Peter

  12. A beautiful start to 2019. Sorry we couldn’t be there to join in.

  13. It looks fabulous! Wish I lived a little closer… Would have come to face the North wind with you all. xx

  14. Congratulations Therese and friends, absolutely stunning. All the best for 2019
    Amanda xx

  15. Whow that is really impressive Therese
    Intrigued to hear how you did it and what the centre piece is made of.
    Happy new year Northern sister. Julian x

  16. What a tremendous effort. We feel positively upset that we were Antipodeaning and missed out on seeing it for real. We are bemused and amazed at how you managed to do it. Thanks for the blog.
    Elrick & Jill

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