lambs croft nairn
Sam spent the summer mainly at home and did plenty chores.

cherries nairn
And Louise visited, and got chores too!

tesla nairn
For the petrolheads to be jealous when left standing by an electric toy.

muskus nairn
Rarely all together these days.

hiddenglen nairn
Grandma's birthday at Laikenbuie, May 1st.

the nomads tent
Therese helped Karen & Mel make this mandala in The Nomad's Tent, Edinburgh.

Ming returns to his ancestral home on Mingulay.

An island beside Barra.

holiday cottage scottish highlands
A trial mix of wildflowers outside the new lodge.

mandala nairn
Therese, Karen & Mel led a mandala making workshop at The Nairn Book & Arts Festival.

autumn nairn
Autumn in the Hiddenglen captured on an iPhone.

wojtek edinburgh
Wojtek Memorial unveiled in Edinburgh 7th Nov 2015.

new zealand
More photos from New Zealand at


beach mandala
Nairn beach mandala July by Therese & Karen, and beachcomber Mel

detail from the beach
Detail on the beach.

royal botanic gardens mandala
Same gang at The Royal Botanic Gardens October

centre detail
Centre detail in Edinburgh.

laikenbuie mandala
Laikenbuie orchard in November.

detail in the orchard
Detail in the orchard.

start small
Start small, start simple, anyone can make a mandala.

river amazon
Sam & Louise on a tributary of the River Amazon - with x-ray damage!

hiddenglen loch
Sunset seen in Hiddenglen loch, about 3pm in December.

red squirrel
Red squirrel captured on our new camera in front of the kitchen sink.

new lodge
State of progress from the south.

new lodge
And the west.

spotted flycatchers
The young spotted flycatchers hatched in the bicycle shed.

And the old meet in the garden ...

toilet sign
Always looking for a sign like this! Seen in a Warsaw supermarket, no words necessary!


mandalaBy Therese with the help of Karen and Mel, mandala in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.


Jo and her monster
Jo reports from 'on location' for her attempt to gain The Best Job in the World.

jo on beach
And risks a chilly Nairn beach.

The start of our track.

And more produce.

Ready for the rush on our open day.

prize box
A vegetable box donated to a charity prize draw.

All home in October.

mill logs
Building starts with round logs, not a trip to the builder's merchants!

ground floor
The ground floor sits snugly into the bank.

stone walls
And gets faced with stones from a Nairn quarry long since abandoned.

dancing on roof
Scottish dancing on the 'roof', before the walls of the first floor were built. Peter's last design in the background.

ridge beam
The tractor requires an extension to lift the ridge beam into place.

And the ridge beam seen from below.


Retreat cabin in the woods.


April snow. Do you recognise the track between the two lodges?

In front of the kitchen window.

Our favourite room.

The start, Scotland east to west.

Sam's geological survey.

The shepherd.

Our new door made by Andy.

Jo and Owen.

Therese's work of art, a mandala.


Peter's 60th - is he there?

January scene of our northern boundary.

A family of long tailed tits outside our window.

Jo's 24th.

Happy children at the garden opening.

One of Therese's favourite camping sites.

Detail of mandala.



Lexi, now 8 years old.

Therese reads of her trip to North America at her surprise party.

Therese organised an afternoon of singing to celebrate her birthday.

A mini reunion of Peter's uni friends - Peter Gordon Wendy Sandy Mike Flo Ian Andy Therese Wilma Sheila Janet

Taken at the launch of The Long Bridge in Edinburgh.

Urszuls's presence at her book launch.

September 2010 in the North Cascades, Washington State.

Marie and Therese set out on a walk.

Looking down from 7000ft.




At Neist Point on Skye there are hundreds of stone cairns. Sam decided to build a stone Lexie. Unknown to us a friend visited the area soon afterwards and took this photo of 'Lexie'! How wierd is that?

August 2009.

The lake in autumn.

Dux and Henry Weltike's 60th wedding anniversary.

Therese has been making mandalas this autumn. This huge one was outside in the tipi circle.

Frost in January. Andy moved from the hut on the right to the house in the distant left. Views of the new house are below. The foundations are shown to give you an idea of the shape.



Therese and brother Mike have a spectacular day on An Teallach. May.

Therese took these 3 pix on her walk into Knoydart. Oct.

And Sam was left at home!

Therese's spring celebration.


The young uns enjoy New Year. Shewans, Muskuses and Stokeses.

Who blinked first?

Crown made by Therese for Aila's birthday.

Out on a birthday walk. And who says Peter never goes for walks?

Our first pigs Piggly and Wiggly are Tamworth x Duroc.

Sam plays at the start of The Loch Ness Marathon - yes he's the tallest.

Therese's produce arranged for a Harvest celebration.

Lanzarote, Dec 07. Sam, Annie, Jo, Tony, Clive, Barbara (Clive's partner), Peter - this is the first time Jo has seen her Dad without a beard - she paid a barber to cut it off!



February. Meeting Jo at Inverness Airport on her return from Ecuador.

September. Ewe reflections.

This pine martin came into our holiday cottage on Ardnamurchan and seemed to enjoy Bill and Kate on Autumnwatch. This photo should be in the January issue of the BBC Wildlife magazine.


Jo gets her hair cut in October ready for travelling.

Sam shooting aliens!

Ginger, our favourite cow.

Therese's flowers.

Peter, Clive and Jo in Ecuador in November.

Can you identify us on this epic train journey?


Taken in November we are about to cut one of the special cakes Therese makes whenever a Wwoofer leaves - this was for Laura who took the photo!

Views outside and in of the finished workshop and loft apartment.

Taken at John Andrews' 70th birthday in Exeter. From left Jonathan Happold, Simon Still, Peter, Jonny Still, Meri and David Happold.

Minnie hard at work! This was taken for a talk that Peter gave in Edinburgh.

August 2004. Marion (Wwoofer arriving), Sophie Pinny, Sam, Jon (Wwoofer leaving), Henri Pinny, Therese.

We see the northern horizon now that the forest has been felled.

And a dawn, or dusk, taken by Stephanie.

Jo last week with the Gambian who platted her hair.

Below are pix from 2003. Click on them to enlarge.

 Winter sun at the start of the year.

 Butterfly on sunflower in Therese's garden.

 Captain Jo in Croatia

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From this (May 85 I think!) came

Joe born 12.05.87 (photo May 99)

Sam born 11.08.90 (photo Oct 98)