Visitor's Books are becoming 'a thing of the past' replaced by TripAdvisor where you can read our recent reviews. Our Visitor's Book, started in 1990 long before TripAdvisor was invented. It is full of poems, sketches, watercolours and music, all becoming extinct in this computer age. Here are some samples.

Memories of Laikenbuie.

Autumn colours everywhere,
Birds flit freely through the air,
Myriad stars in ink-black skies,
Hooting owls and foxes cries.

A sunny day on the Moray Firth,
Geese flying high above the earth,
Logie Steading and Randolph's Leap,
These are memories we will keep,
Forever ...
Vivienne & Brian, Wirral. November 2016.
The chalet is awesome. We enjoyed the peace and tranquility in such lovely surroundings. The kids enjoyed the Treasure Trail and the boating pond, and trying to row the boat for the first time. The woodland walks are great and they enjoyed helping feed the lambs and chickens and collecting eggs. It's such an excellent holiday for all the family.
Shand's Fae Fife. July 2015.
We drove up to Laikenbuie
With numerous stops at the loo
Loch Lomond, Loch Ness
The car was a mess
Our granny and grampa came too.

We saw everything Nairn could provide
The lakes, the mountains, the seaside
But what we liked best
In spite of the rest
Was the farm, the swings and the slide.

We've traveled from Dublin to Devon
Now we've discovered our heaven
So next year we'll pack
And then we'll come back
The Return of the Magnificent Seven.
Catherine, Gerry and family. July 1990.
polka nairn
Steve. July 1993.
loch ness monster
Who says there's no monster in Loch Ness?                                                                     
September 1999.
Thanks for yet another enjoyable stay. You always make us feel so welcome in your little part of "peace and plenty". We often think of you during the year - working and enjoying your home. We look up at the moon and say "the same moon will be shining on Laikenbuie".
Kate, Bryan, Rob and Ester. October 1999.
So simple, so beautiful, so thoughtfully equipped; truly an exercise in excellence. A rare and inspiring experience - it is no wonder that people have taken to writing poetry in this book.
Ted and Anne. April 1999.
Thank you for a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed feeding the lambs and collecting the eggs. I also enjoyed looking at the animals and the ride on the tractor. See you next year.                     Abby age 9. July 1999.
Had a wonderful holiday, wildlife fantastic, lovely accommodation. We couldn't better it, everything has been thought of for our comfort.                                                                        Edna and Dick. May 1998.
A really wonderful relaxing week. The whole family had a relaxing time. We all have so many happy different enjoyable memories to take home with us. As already written by the many previous holiday makers, the scenery and wildlife are spectacular, especially for me the deer and the buzzards. Thank you to the Muskus Family for providing a beautiful clean home-from-home, and many thanks for all the extras - bikes, pool table, play ground, trampoline....
Ruth, Steven, Sam, Alexandra & Abigail from the Isle of Lewis. April 2003
Once again the children have had a wonderful time - feeding the lamb was especially popular. Two weeks have gone by far too quickly, with us having to come back next year for the eighth time to have another wonderful holiday. Weather has been warm and the children spent a lot of time in the sea. Thanks to Therese, Peter for a great place to stay, and especially to Sam - we really enjoyed hearing him playing the bagpipes.
Carrie, Dave, Becky, Abbie, Libby, Tess the dog, from Staffordshire. May 2003.

L  for the loch all shimmering with light,

A  for the air so pure and bright,

I  for the insects all doing their part,

K  for the kindness that gladdens the heart,

E  for the enjoyment James has found

N  for the nature which lies all around,

B  for the beauty of each hill and tree

U  for the undergrowth where beasts run free,

I  for the facilities with access to share

E  for the eggs with taste one can't compare.

Eileen, Rosie and James. September 2004.

Where do I start? What a fabulous week at Laikenbuie with amazing views in every direction. Kids had lots to do insides and out regardless of the elements (thankfully the weather was great). Therese and Peter have given all their thoughts on making your holiday here truly memorable. There is everything here in the lodge, it is clean, comfortable and a pleasure to stay in. I could sit and write a book, but sadly we have to pack. All I can say is, if it's paradise you're looking for hey!! look no further...
Jackie, Mick, Michael & Sam from West Midlands. July 2006.

Lovely lodges

Adorable animals

Incredible scenery

Knowing you chose the right destination

Environmental awareness

Never wanting to leave.

Birds twittering

Unending peacefulness

Inspiring adventures

Everyone having a happy holiday

Sarah and Dan from Essex. October 2006.

Our first time to Laikenbuie, we fell in love with the place immediately. Such a stunningly beautiful and tranquil place. Treetops has been so thoughtfully laid out with everything provided and spotless.
Caroline, Ian Sean, Megan, Thomas and Linda. March 2007.

A hidden treasure, we will be back!

Alison and Robin. April 2007.

We came to find peace and "chill out" and this we did in abundance, an absolutely wonderful setting. We have walked forest, shore, hill and glen, and can't wait to return. Many thanks for all the little extra touches that made the lodge so comfortable.                             Jane, Barry and Dennis. September 2007.
We have stayed in quite a few lodges and this has by far been the best of them all! The lodge was very well equipped with everything we needed and more. In our short time here we have enjoyed the lovely beaches of Nairn, Elgin and Findhorn. Thanks for a really lovely, peaceful and relaxing holiday, we hope to be back soon. PS. Thanks for the tasty organic eggs.                             Margo and Allan. March 2008.
Treetops is one of the best cabins we have stayed in. We saw the woodpecker, buzzards and loads of different birds, also red squirrels and deer. We've been walks in the Culbin Forest which was brilliant and we went up the viewing tower. The views were amazing. We were very impressed by the standard of the cabin. We are definitely going to come back at a warmer time of the year.
Eoin, Caroline and Laura. October 2008.
Fab Fab Fab Loved collecting the hens eggs and seeing the birds and the red squirrel. I loved playing on the slide, the trampoline and the sandpit. I really liked rowing the boat on the lake. The treasure hunt was also good as well. - Peace and tranquility. An education for the children to be around farm animals and feed the hens and collect the eggs.                                                                The Duffy family. July 2010.
This is a little piece of paradise where we could easily stay for much longer. The environment, peacefulness and the wonderful Peter and Therese! Loved Loch Ness and Cawdor Castle. The trip through the Cairngorm National Park was breath-taking. Boat trip to see the dolphins was amazing. Thank you for a wonderful holiday.                             Diana, Jerry, Warren and Tiffany. August 2010.